Which ProSafeBand is right for you?


Monitor temperature with the innovative traffic light system by ProSafeBand. With a silicone wristband and a single bright LED, this is perfect for anyone who needs to monitor their temperature.

ProSafeBand Sport

With dehydration and overheating holding teams back from their full potential, an easy to understand traffic light system in ProSafeBands sport keeps the team safe. 

ProSafeBand Bluetooth

ProSafeband Bluetooth brings together all the innovative technologies of ProSafeBand into one smart wearable. ProSafeBand Bluetooth monitors both temperature and heart rate and connects to the ProSafeBand dashboard to allow remote access for a safer workplace. Users can access their information through the ProSafeBand app. Smart Alerts and Smart Reports give everyone a clear vision of the health of the workplace. 

How it works

In an ever-growing complex world, we wanted a device that simplified your daily life. ProSafeBand acclimates within 1.5 minutes through direct skin contact, providing accurate and regular temperature readings in a traffic light system.

Peace of mind no matter what you’re doing.


Indicates body temperatures of approximately 37 °C.


Indicates an appropriate reading is still being determined.


Indicates body temperatures at, or above 37.5

ProSafeBand Sport

Watch the video below for a preview of a ProSafeBand Sport prototype and our software in action.

ProSafeBand Bluetooth

Watch the video below for a preview of a ProSafeBand Bluetooth prototype and our software in action.

Why ProSafeBand

An innovative product designed to surpass industry standards. With a leading battery life of 100+ days, hypoallergenic material and highly customizable software. Reach out to our sales team – find out how we can meet your needs.


ProSafeBand uses a body temperature sensing thermometer IC, meeting the clinical thermometry specification ASTM E1112.


Can be configured to meet your needs. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible allowing transmission of readings to mobile apps and HR support software.


Soft, sleek and hypoallergenic. Easy to use, adjustable and comfortable to wear. Designed for all skin types and weather conditions

Heart Rate

A vital metric for tracking cardiovascular health which can be measured with ease using ProSafeBand. 

Contact Tracing

Easily track and trace the spread of coronavirus using ProSafeBand.

Remote Access

Access your health data remotely via cloud software.


Use cases range from professional corporate life, events and sports management all the way to daily life.

Reach out to our team for further information on how ProSafeBand can help support your safety needs.

Safely enter and exit the office

Monitor Athlete temperature

Human Resources

Responsible Meetings

Daily Exercise

Stadia & Events Management

Our Story

We’re pioneering the new age of smart safety devices. 

As the covid-19 pandemic spread across the globe we saw a nascent need for smart solutions for measuring body temperature. 

We strove to cut through the noise and create a simple device that could be worn in all sort of conditions. Thus ProSafeBand was born. An innovative device which displays your temperature readings using a traffic light system.

A smart wrist band with a multitude of applications in professional working life, sports and events management. 

Key Questions

Do I need to charge it?

No ProSafeBand does not require charging. Each device has a battery life of 100+ days.

Is it adjustable for different wrist sizes?

Yes, it comes with an easily adjustable strap designed to cater for multiple wrist sizes at comfort.

Can it be worn during exercise?

Yes, ProSafeBand is designed for use in the gym, outdoors, office and more.

How can it be programmed?

When you purchase ProSafeBand our tech team adjusts the device settings to your exact needs. We can adjust the frequency of readings, where and when their transmitted and much more. Reach out for further details.

How can I purchase a ProSafeBand?

Simply drop us a message below. A member of our team will reach out to you within 2-5 working days. 

Where can I find out more information?

Using the contact form below you can request a brochure, further technical information or assess if its suitable for your needs. Just send a message to our team below.

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